Daily Archives: September 29, 2016

EPAS Students 2016-2017

      Patricia Dominguez:   “It was a great welcome to entering this new dimension, that of the sound. An intensive practical module that managed encompassing the fundamentals of sound listening and making”. Iva Galovic:   “II entered a world that before I only had a glimpse of – so beautiful and mesmerizing, I am enjoying it more and more each day with every new discovery.”. Huui Park:   “During this module of listening…my eyes finally got the rest it needed. With our world overflowing with visual stimuli, it was about time that we relied on our other senses. It took a while to surrender to the sounds around me but once I let go and became one with the vibrations around me, I was able to just be; by being, I was one with my surroundings: the space itself. All the sounds spoke to me one by one, slowly revealing themselves, welcoming me to the space to share their knowledge of the world. Their world comprised of a lot more content than the one dominantly processed via sight. Theirs was guided more with subtle shifts in energies, vibrations, and feelings. During the sound walk with my partner, we […]