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EPAS students 2017-2018

    ALINA OZEROVA    EPAS for me feels like a cradle which you share with many other beings. It creates a feeling of a special zone for listening to yourself, to the environment, to each other. It nurtures a very particular attitude towards listening. Not only it takes you on a tour of experimentation and understanding the fundamentals of sound and our relation to it, but it also gives a vocabulary. The one you can take outside and by implementing it connect to the others.   ARZU SAGLAM never stops, always is and ever is gone as soon as it was :: sound is, to me, the all engaging and ever so ungraspable, yet most palpable of all senses to experience :: traveling through and staying stuck in, pin-poiting to and distracting from :: it can tell stories of concrete molecules and ceasing gases :: it is inside and around at once and it is  steerable waves and yet reveals itself to be mostly disobedient to all rules :: at EPAS i am mostly privileged to find a safe harbor to built this ship that will prepare me for my adventures of the oceanS of souDns FABIAN SALAS   During […]