The History of EPAS

EMAS and its origins

In 2009 our consortium created Sound in Audiovision (SIAV) in order to prepare an application to the EU’s Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme for “Curriculum Development of a European Master in Sound”.
The project was initiated by the School of Arts, Ghent (Kask & Conservatory), the lead partner of the consortium. The partnership is built on a common philosophy in which sound is considered as an artistic discipline:

Technical, artistic and theoretical concepts must be brought together with the aim of creating an artistic practice in sound, creating the ability to think in sound. As music is accepted as a “language” with its own history and structure, we must begin to talk about “building sound” and educating “sound architects”. With this in mind, the members of the consortium met during a series of colloquia and symposia on sound and began to assimilate a vision of how this could be taught. During the past years, the idea of combining our energy and knowledge, instead of developing MAs individually, began to grow.

The partners of the consortium met at different conferences and lectures. The School of Sound, an international symposium in London that attracts an eclectic group of professional practitioners, artists and educators, was the most important of these meetings.

In February 2011, we applied to the Erasmus LLP programme under the title “Fostering the excellence and innovation in higher education” as an Erasmus Multilateral Project.

In July 2011, we received the good news that our application had been accepted. The Erasmus committee cited as our proposal’s strongest points its European Added Value, the Quality of the Consortium and the programme’s Innovative Character.

From October 2011 till October 2012, we had 5 meetings of 3 days each to develop a common curriculum. At the last meeting we invited a resonance group, a panel of external specialists, to evaluate our work. At that moment our focus shifted to the practical and organisational implementation of the project.

During the discussions the consortium decided to change the name Sound in Audiovision (SIAV) to European Master of Arts in Sound, or EMAS,  to better describe the goal of our project: a European Joint Master of Arts in Sound as an artistic discipline.



In 2016 the decision was made to postpone EMAS as a joint-master and to adjust the EMAS programme to a postgraduate in sound: thus EPAS was born. EPAS is based on the same vision and principles behind EMAS. Our team joins forces and expertise from different institutions and offers a one year intensive course with a certificate as outcome.