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EPAS alumni testimonials, read how EPAS has influenced their artistic careers

Kenta Tanaka (Japan) : https://www.kentatanaka.com/ The EPAS program made me realize that listening to sound itself could be a meaningful artistic practice and sound could be transformed into many artistic expressions: sound installation, audiovisual composition, and sound art. Throughout the EPAS workshops, we learned about different ways of listening, sound compositions, acoustic spaces, and […]Read more »

EPAS & KIOSK present : Encounter in Resonance

Encounter in Resonance is a vast listening experience organized across three exhibition spaces of the Bijloke Campus in Ghent: Zwarte Zaal, Circus Corridor, and KIOSK. The exhibition is conceived as a journey of sound works, which informs the experience of listening to each piece. In considering listening as a sensory experience, […]Read more »

Kate Carr workshop results

Just before lockdown the workshop with Kate Carr about sonic storytelling through field recordings got cancelled. Luckily we managed to turn our agreement into a digital workshop with the same students. We had 5 online sessions spread out over 3 weeks. The results are presented at Kate’s radioshow interiorities. Or […]Read more »

Exhibition of EPAS students 2019

Massimo Colombo, Rotem Gerstel, Pauline Miko, Flavia Passigli, Nina Queissner, Guillaume Rouseré, Melissa Ryke, Kenta Tanaka, Luis Neto, Evelien Verhegge and Job Worms can be seen at the following exhibition: 14 – 15 November 2019: La Galerie Commune, 36bis Rue des Ursulines, 59200 Tourcoing.Bringing together a group of artists who work […]Read more »

EPAS students 2019-2020

MASSIMO COLOMBO About EPAS:Listen, experience, share. These elements are the first I’ve learned and immediately I took a step forward! Every module of the course is an armory of new instruments ready to use to improve a precise way of thinking about sound and define a personal sound practice. The […]Read more »

EPAS Students 2016-2017

Patricia Dominguez:   “It was a great welcome to entering this new dimension, that of the sound. An intensive practical module that managed encompassing the fundamentals of sound listening and making”. Iva Galovic:   “II entered a world that before I only had a glimpse of – so beautiful and […]Read more »