Cilia Erens

The Audible Space
My world is a world of a series of audible spaces. I became
conscious of this when, in the early eighties, I came across
binaural recording. Fascinated with the visual impact of 3D
sound, or the illusion of 3D sound when heard through
headphones, I began to experiment with the
As I listened to how life expresses itself in sound and how the
unexpected creates beauty, I decided to use mostly
unprocessed sound. With my mics in my ears I shape the
experience of listening. My chosen route through the sound
spaces constitutes the mark I leave on my work.
Two recurring themes in my work are collective silence and
urban development.
My first contribution to film was a binaural recording of the
Holy Week (Málaga, 2012) for Menno Otten’s award-winning
documentary ‘Via Dolorosa’.
‘Time Lapse China’(autumn 2015) is the result of my latest
project. In it I capture the explosive urban development in
China in the 29 years that have passed since I first recorded
binaural sound there for my first soundwalk ‘China
Daily’ (1987).
©2016 Cilia Erens soundartist, Amsterdam