Els Viaene


Els Viaene (°1979, BE) started her work as a sound artist / field recordist in 2001. With a set-up of two small microphones she listens, zooms into and enlarges the aural landscapes surrounding us. The natural rhythms and textures of the sounds hidden in those landscapes form the basis of her work.

She uses these field recordings in artistic installations like ‘The Mamori Expedition’, developed in 2013, based on a 10 day journey through the Amazon forest. Her composition “Canopy Beat_Soundtrack of the Rainforest” received an honorary mention by the Prix Phonurgia Nova, Paris 2011.

Els Viaene’s work is shown and broadcasted nationally and internationally. As a requested field recording specialist she worked for different renowned institutes, video artists and art schools. Nationally as well as internationally she gives lectures and workshops around the topic of sound recording.