EPAS project

Academic year 2019-2020

Study load:  12 credits

Weight: 12 ECTS

Total student hours : 324 hours

Organisation of education

Lectures- seminar 0h

Workshop 0h

Supervised individual work 21h

Selfstudy and/or individual work 292h

Course description


The EPAS  project is an artistic work based on research. Its starting point is the EPAS proposal submitted by the student when applying for EPAS.

This work is expected to bear witness to a creative and critical approach to the medium or media employed and to sound as an artistic discipline. The student’s skills and competences must enable him or her to complete a work with sufficient inherent qualities for the work to be artistically meaningful outside the school context.


Focuses on personal research and the final personal artistic EPAS project. Students are responsible for managing their own work.

Initial competences

In the 5th module (in Gent) the participants will develop a personal project and discuss their ideas for their final project with a group of tutors and mentors. Students’ chosen mentors need to be available by Skype. It is not possible to bring all mentors together for this week.

Final competences

The work must give proof of independent artistic practice at the level of a beginning professional sound artist.

Study guidance

The participants will be coached by a mentor.


Formative assessments by the advisers regarding both the process and the product take place during the entire programme segment. Presentation of final project is part of the curriculum. Project needs to be able to move around to exhibit in a minimum of the 2 institutions, for final evaluation. In the case of a site-specific installation the students would need to document evaluation in one of the institutions. The project should be experienced on site by the participant’s mentor and possibly one other independent tutor.

At the end of the second semester the EPAS project will be evaluated 50% by the mentors of the projects and 50% by an external jury which will be a consistent jury for all students. The projects will be transmitted to one place, they can be documented if they cannot be moved easily. The participant is only present at the discussion about his/her own work. There is no possible retake or second examination period.

Facilities and resources, study costs

The participant has his own computer and external hard disc and negotiates about available equipment and space needed to develop the project. Costs are dependent on the nature of the project. EPAS supports the participant in the development of the project. However the participant is responsible for the practical organization of his/her project.

Study costs

No extra costs