EPAS alumni testimonials, read how EPAS has influenced their artistic careers

Kenta Tanaka (Japan) : https://www.kentatanaka.com/

The EPAS program made me realize that listening to sound itself could be a meaningful artistic practice and sound could be transformed into many artistic expressions: sound installation, audiovisual composition, and sound art. Throughout the EPAS workshops, we learned about different ways of listening, sound compositions, acoustic spaces, and many other things we needed to be trained as a sound artist. Additionally, it was a great asset for me that the modules were in three different European cities: Ghent, Brussels, and Amsterdam, allowing me to appreciate different soundscapes and use them to create sound-art pieces. After completing the EPAS program, critically listening to soundscapes became an important part of my sound practice. EPAS is definitely the best place to study and research sound art in a practical manner.

Melissa Ryke (Australia) :http://melissaryke.com/

EPAS opened up and deepened a whole new part of my practice. I discovered how listening can be a central part of the creation process, especially through embodied listening. The content of the programme is experimental, stimulating and enriching but it was all the generous people involved that made it precious. 

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