Which language will be used in EPAS?

– EPAS will be taught in English. All accepted students must have attained a level of English competence as detailed in Language Requirements.

Where do I apply?

– You apply to KASK and Conservatory / School of Arts Gent. See How to apply

How much does it cost?

– The yearly tuition fee is €6000. 

Do I need a previous academic degree to apply?

– Yes, all applicants are required to have at least a BA degree.

Is there an age limit for applicants?

– No.

Must I have previous experience in sound?

– We want EPAS to be as inclusive as possible, so we encourage people to apply who have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences – not merely those who have studied or worked previously with sound. However, through your portfolio and the application process, you must be able to demonstrate your enthusiasm and competence for this course.

Will EPAS prepare me for a specific job? For example, will I learn film sound design or radio production?

– EPAS is not designed to prepare students for one specific job. Each student will postgraduate with an awareness and expertise in sound that will prepare them to be creative, flexible, independent talents. The course does, however, does allow students to follow their own particular direction of study.

How can I find a student room in Ghent (Belgium)?

– Private rooms from €300 and up can be found on the following websites:

How do I get to School of Arts Gent?

Here you can find an overview of our locations. The itinerary to get to our school can be found on this page.

More info on timetables of trains in Belgium: http://www.nmbs.be
More info on timetables of buses in Belgium: https://www.delijn.be/nl/routeplanner/

In Ghent the easiest, fastest and most ecological way to travel is by far the bike. School of Arts has several (covered) storage rooms for bikes.

Which extra costs can I expect during my stay in Ghent?

Monthly expenses: about €450 (rent excluded)
Health insurance: we advice European students to arrive with a European Health Insurance Card.
Public transport: Buzzy Pazz (-25 y) for all trams and buses: €79 / 3 months or Omni pass (+25 y): €125 / 3 months, delijn.be

Useful links

Info about Ghent: www.visitgent.be or https://stad.gent/international-students
Student network: ESN Ghent of International Student in Gent
Tips of locals: https://www.use-it.travel/cities/detail/ghent/

Facebook group International School of Arts

Facebook page EPAS
IG account School of Arts