KASK and Conservatory / School of Arts Gent, Belgium

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts KASK and the Gent Royal Conservatory constitute the School of Arts of University College Gent. It is an exceptional place where students are allowed to be ‘hors jeu’ for awhile, free from the pressures of the market and unhindered by day-to-day worries. The school aspires to be a refuge where young artists and designers can focus on their development and where they can train and perfect themselves in the artistic discipline of their choice in a serious, structured and thorough manner. In the middle of vibrant Ghent, the campuses are oases of quiet, places of concentration and dialogue, creation and encounter.

School of Arts Gent brings together talented and motivated students with outstanding educators, active artists, designers and theorists in art and design from all over the world. At School of Arts Gent, one can take part in just about any artistic discipline. This multitude of opportunities is grouped into four programmes – visual arts, audiovisual arts, music, drama – with each offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees.

School of Arts Gent stimulates research in the arts and the investigative component in the artistic process. Besides the doctoral programmes, this emphasis is already very prominent in the master’s.

The department of audiovisual arts focuses on sound, audiovisual composition and audiovisual research in which technique, artistic practice and theory are combined. The school is well equipped to support all the consequent needs with a fully equipped music recording studio and a 5.1 postproduction studio. The mission statement of the school defines its main tasks: development of the arts, education and research in an international perspective. It is therefore important to cooperate and network with European and international partners in order to participate in the ongoing international evolutions and actions.