Organisation of the course

In order to enable to combine work and study in this postgraduate, the first semester is organised in 5 modules of 8 or 9 days (two weekends and the week in between).

The modules are intensive workshops with guest professors and professors of the different institutes. The theoretical part (seminars) can be organised by e-learning, including discussion moments.

This first semester gives the student the possibility to explore the sound field in different disciplines. The modules of the first semester take place in Gent. Only the second module will be organised in Amsterdam.

Below is an outline of where students will study and the focus of the curriculum in each location.

Semester 1

All students will be based at KASK and Conservatory / School of Arts Gent. Only the second module will take place in Amsterdam at the Netherlands Film Academy .

The first four modules explore different aspects of sound as an artistic discipline within the audiovisual arts.

In the fifth and last module of the first semester, the student works on a project in preparation for his/her final project in the second semester.

Module 1: on listening

Module 2: transmitting an experience through sound

Module 3: sound and space

Module 4:  on audiovisual composition

Module 5: personal work

Semester 2

The participants will be based in the institution appropriate and relevant to their work. A choice can be made among the different associated institutes and their corresponding fields of expertise.

Semester 2 of EPAS is devoted to the final personal project. The project work is expected to demonstrate a creative and critical approach to the medium or media employed and to sound as an artistic discipline. The student’s skills and competences must be able to make it possible for him/her to complete a work with sufficient inherent qualities for it to be artistically meaningful outside of the school context.

Communication and dissemination of the EPAS project

EPAS project

Study programme EPAS (33 ECTS)

A- Artistic projects: 29 ECTS

Coached artistic projects: 11 ECTS > Semester 1
Personal artistic projects: 6 ECTS > Semester 1
Artistic master project: 12 ECTS > Semester 2

B- Seminars1 ECTS

Semester 1

C- Workfield oriented learning: 3 ECTS

Network and communication: 3 ECTS > Semester 2