Communication and dissemination of the EPAS project

Academic Year 2019-2020

Study Load:  3 credits

Weight: 3 ECTS

Total student hours : 81 hours

Organisation of education

Lectures- seminar 0h

Workshop 0h

Supervised individual work 8h

Selfstudy and/or individual work 73h

Course description


The student sets up his own network in order to create possibilities to present his EPAS project and to communicate this presentation.


The concrete contents of this module will differ from project to project. The student is responsible for the realization of the presentation of his EPAS project and the communication needed to present this work.

Initial competences

The student has completed the 5 modules of the first semester.

Final competences

– Students have to prove their communicational, organizational, collaborative and entrepreneurial skills in presenting and communication of their final project.

– They have to set up a network enabling them to start in a professional life after the master.

Study guidance

The student will be coached to present his/her work and to build his own network in function of his final project and personal artistic final project.


Formative assessments by the advisers regarding both the process and the product take place during the entire programme segment.  This course will be evaluated during the final evaluation, with emphasis on the process by your mentor and the external jury. There is no second sitting.

Study materials: mandatory

The student has his own computer and external hard disc.


The school provides technical facilities for the respective studios. Film: The student has his own computer and external hard disc.

Study costs

Costs are dependent on the nature of the project.