Module 2: Transmitting an experience


Study load:  3 credits

Weight: 3 ECTS

Total student hours : 81 hours

Organisation of education

Lectures- seminar 4h

Workshop 36h

Supervised individual work 32h

Selfstudy and/or individual work 9h

Course description


An insight in sound and listening as a starting point within audiovisual arts. This insight is  related to an insight in the technical skills. In this workshop the students can start to explore the combination of theory, artistic practice and technical skills for their personal research and artistic project.


The focus of the course is a phenomenological approach (transmitting an experience) exploring the relation between experience, the situated listener, sound-recording, -editing and –mixing

Initial competences

Some previous experience in sound recording and basic skills in using ‘Pro Tools’ are necessary. Able to implement theoretical and technical input in a personal artistic project.

Final competences

– An open attitude towards a personal process has to be attained.

– An insight in the relation between lived experiences, listening experiences, and the technical possibilities to transmit an experience through sound.

– An insight in the different ways picture and sound can work without the traditional natural synchronization.

– an insight in the needed technical skills for an artistic project or research

– Open to apply new strategies in an creative process

– Open to expand his artistic practice beyond his own specialism.

– Able to work together

– Able to present your own work in the group.

– Able to evaluate the process and results of an other student

Teaching methods and study guidance

– lectures

– workshops in group and individual training

– individual coaching of the students

– peer learning


Permanent evaluation, process evaluation and peer feedback at the end of the module. At the end of the first semester the students present their diary and self-evaluation. The end-competences of this course will be evaluated in relation to the other artistic work of the semester.

There is no possible retake or second examination period.

The students have to be present in the workshops.


The student can use the facilities and resources of the institute.