Module 5: Personal work

Study load:  6 credits

weight: 6 ECTS

Total student hours : 162 hours

Organisation of education

Lectures- seminar 0h

Workshop 8h

Supervised individual work 64h

Selfstudy and/or individual work 90h

Course description


At the end of the first semester, the student develops his own artistic project applying the research, the theory and practical input of the first semester and exploring the field in which she/he will develop his EPAS project. Proposal of the EPAS project.


For this artistic project that starts from sound, the student will be coached in the set up, the development and the results of his/her project. The focus of this module lies on the process: the way the student explores the field, is researching within the artistic project and organises his/her process.

Initial competences

Proficiency with audio recording and editing.

Final competences

– An understanding of how a particular medium/form is best suited for communicating certain types of ideas.
– An understanding of what is an idea – rather than merely a series of actions.
– An open attitude towards research and organisation problems
– Able to explore new strategies in an artistic proces
– Able to expand his artistic practice beyond his/her own specialism
– Able to analyse sound in function of his/her artistic work
– Able to articulate the intentions of his/ her artistic work
– Can show an insight in the technical skills needed for an artistic project
– Able to formulate personal aims
– Can show his/her knowledge of sound theory and sound as art in his/her artistic work

Teaching methods and study guidance

– individual coaching of the student
– constant feedback
– group reviews


Permanent evaluation, process evaluation and peer feedback at the end the workshop. The students present their diary and self-evaluation. The end-competences of this course will be evaluated in relation to the other artistic work of the semester.

No retake or second examination period.

The students have to be present in the workshops.


– The school provides technical facilities for the respective studios.

– The student has his own computer and external hard disc.

– Reader