The Board

Partner organisations and their representatives

KASK and Conservatory / School of Arts Gent, Belgium

Martine Huvenne

Musicologist, lecturer and researcher on Sound and Music in Film at the School of Arts, Gent. Trained in Laban technique as a dancer. PhD on a phenomenological approach of sound in film (UVA 2012). Curator of the annual film music seminar of the Gent International Film Festival. Coordinator of SIAV.

Nederlandse Film Academie, the Netherlands

Ben Zijlstra
Studied mechanical engineering followed by sound and camera at the Netherlands Film Academy. Worked free-lance for 17 years in documentary and feature film: sound recording,  sound editing, sound design and mixing. From 2001 until present: Head of Sound Design at the Netherlands Film Academy, developed the sound design curriculum from scratch with emphasis on ‘team teaching’ and ‘sound as storytelling tool’.