The Netherlands Film Academy

Netherlands Film Academy was founded in 1958 and is part of the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK).

Netherlands Film Academy has an unrivaled attention for sound recording for documentary and fiction film in mono, stereo and surround formats, with the highest quality sound recording equipment available on the market. We can offer specialist knowledge in Binaural Stereo -, M/S Stereo -, A-format -, B-format – and Williams recordings with reference grade monitoring in a sound studio of 7 x 9 m with projection screen (4 x 2,75 m) and electrostatic loudspeakers (Quad 989 QA) in Stereo format.

Research in synchronicity, meaning and affect will give insight into the value and importance of sound as storytelling device. Sound-Image relations are at the core of our educational programme and can be explored in five sound editing studios (5.0) and five mixing studios (5.1), equipped with ProTools HDX and DynAudio-Air monitoring.

Netherlands Film Academy wants to cherish, strengthen and further extend its European roots and the collaborative skills that are indispensable for European Film development. Within the European Postgraduate in Arts in Sound, Netherlands Film Academy could stimulate and promote cooperative international experiments with new expressive cinematic sound-image  compositions.